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When it comes to red wine, you might think of the romance of French wine first. The understanding and cognition of the wine culture seems to be confined to various party scenes or movie blockbusters in Europe and America. Its...

     When it comes to red wine, you may first think of the romance of French wine. The understanding and cognition of the wine culture seems to be confined to various party scenes or movie blockbusters in Europe and America. Actually many parts of the world has has a long history of wine culture, today let's talk about the global wine consumption ranks the first in China, let everybody has thousands of years for the wine culture of the country.



     Existed long before the Chinese wine culture, wine culture in ancient achievements of today's growing Chinese wine market, now let's look back at the ancient Chinese wine culture, appreciating the wine culture belongs to China.
Wei jin and later the southern and northern dynasties period was the development period of Chinese wine production, and from the poetry of the literati in the time, it can be seen that wine was prevailing in the time. It could be seen that wine was already a common thing at the time, and became a common drink for aristocrats to entertain guests.



      By the time of the tang dynasty, due to the expansion of the territory, strong national strength and cultural prosperity, drinking was no longer the privilege of the nobles and literati, and the common people drank too much. In the tang dynasty, the social atmosphere was open. Not only did men drink alcohol, but women also drank widely. And many new grape varieties were introduced to China, which provided a good basis for the prevailing wine. Li xin, a poet, said in his book "the army of the ancient times" that "the annual battle of the bone is buried, and the people of the putian are seen in the air." it is clear that grape planting was already common.
The tang dynasty poet wang ji was a good wine man, and he was also a good wine drinker. He called himself "Mr. Wudou", and he had to drink five cups of wine every day. He wrote in "five masters" (" the wall of the hotel ") : "the bamboo leaves are too green, and the grapes are red. When you meet, don't leave. Speaking of tang dynasty, when it comes to wine, you can't help talking about the most famous li bai of the tang dynasty. Li bai is known as the wine fairy, and he has many poems about wine. In "the xiangyang song", wrote: "cormorant ladle, parrot cup, a hundred and thirty-six thousand days, a day must pour 300 cups. The duck's head is green in the distance. If the river becomes a spring wine, the mound will be built. A thousand gold steed in a concubine, drunk in the song "falling plum". A pot of wine is hung on the side of the car, and the wind sheng long tube is pressed. These poems express his love for wine and also reflect the development and popularity of the wine at the time. He would rather be drunk than sober, and see how great the wine is. Later han yu, bai juyi, and so on also have written poems about wine.
The most famous wine poem of the tang dynasty is the "liangzhou words" by wang han: "the wine of the grape wine and the cup of wine, and the lute immediately. The drunkard the sand field jun mo smile, ancient to fight several people to return?" The poem is also used as a classical song, and it is also included in the history of wine culture in China and even the world.
When it came to the southern song dynasty, the small court settled in a corner. At that time, Lin 'an was prosperous, but the wine was already occupied by taiyuan and other grape producing areas, which appeared to be scarce and expensive, which could be reflected in the poems of lu yu. Lu you: "the night cold and the guest scratch dry wood heating drama" : "the draft bamboo salary is at the age of the year, is in the hope of the same. If you pour out the wine, you may have a lot of mink. It is wonderful to sleep, and the price of gold is not good. He was a man of iron, and he laughed at it. In the poem, drinking wine is compared with that of a mink, which shows that the wine was expensive.
In the yuan dynasty, it was the heyday of Chinese wine development, when wine was used for sacrificial supplies.
There are so many works of wine in ancient Chinese poetry that they can not be listed one by one. Only some of them can be selected to explain the prosperity of ancient wine in China. Can say our country's wine and poetry have to akira, wine for the poetry spreading, celebrated by people, and poetry is added rich content, because of the wine becomes more bright.


   Chinese wine culture is mainly about the poetry of red wine, which is also the reason why China's unique wine culture has been spread so far.
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