"Block chain + red wine" promotes the upgrading of ningxia wine industry.
time:2018/2/12 13:36:21     author:kwangmyong

"Block chain + red wine" promotes the upgrading of ningxia wine industry.

On the afternoon of February 11th, the press conference of Wine Chain China ningxia Wine region was held in yinchuan.

Meeting, block Chain technology experts, lighting capital partners, the Chinese university of Hong Kong department of information engineering, professor of law professor visa explained the future trends and applications of Chain blocks, Wine Chain, the chief engineer Wu Hong introduced Wine Chain project and fall to the ground, Wine would founder Ceng Zhou is to share the Wine, hui and block Chain technology combined with electric business platform.

As artificial intelligence, big data, the continuous development of new technologies such as cloud computing and mature, and Internet of things in the era of open, every field of information on Internet is changing our life, but also led the society to accelerate forward. It is understood that Wine Chain is the first Wine digital asset application platform based on block Chain technology + Internet of things and traceability technology. To solve the red wine supply chain product quality problem such as fidelity, accountability, lack of trust, realization of the digital asset-like wine industry application, promoting the value of wine industry and promote wine asset liquidity, and establish a new type of red wine industry ecosystem. "Blockchain + Wine" Wine Chain can help the Wine industry to solve the fundamental problem of price confusion and authenticity.

The proposed "block chain + red wine" can not only solve the pain points in the industry, but also strengthen the value of the whole industry and the liquidity of industry assets. After the meeting, Wine Wine Chain foundation and held a formal signing ceremony, both sides said they would expand all-round cooperation in the future, the purpose is to promote the global Wine industry value trust system reconstruction, at the same time let the consumer to participate in the activities.
Nowadays, technological innovation has become the core element of improving social productivity. To develop the "block Chain" has become a national much starker choices-and graver consequences-in key strategic layout, be incorporated into the national plan of action, Wine Chain China Wine region in ningxia press conference aims to promote the Wine industry in ningxia and the further development of Chinese Wine industry, with the innovation of technology and the traditional Wine industry depth fusion, vigorously improve the state of industry development, enhance the level of industrial development. (wang nan, correspondent wang nan)
Source: guangming net.