China's ningxia wine region will be upgraded with the help of "block chain".
time:2018/2/12 13:40:19     author:Yellow River network

China's ningxia wine region will be upgraded with the help of "block chain".

       On the afternoon of February 11, 2018, the press conference of Wine Chain China · ningxia Wine region was held in yinchuan, ningxia.

    It is reported, this press conference by Wine Chain foundation, ningxia hui autonomous region business hall, ningxia hui autonomous region development support for the grape industry, Wine, hui, ningxia jinxiu FengCheng co., LTD and | block Chain technology (shenzhen) consulting co., LTD.

        According to relevant controller introduces, with artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, the continuous development of new technology and mature, and Internet of things in the era of open, every field of information on Internet is changing our life, but also led the society to accelerate forward. Technological innovation has become the core element of improving social productivity. To develop the "block Chain" has become a national much starker choices-and graver consequences-in key strategic layout, be incorporated into the national plan of action, Wine Chain China Wine region in ningxia press conference would promote the further development of Wine industry. It is hoped that technological innovation and traditional wine industry will be deeply integrated, so as to improve the development status of the industry and improve the level of industry development.
Technical experts in the press conference, block Chain, lighting capital partners, the Chinese university of Hong Kong department of information engineering, professor of law professor visa share on the future trend and application of block Chain, Wine Chain, the chief engineer Wu Hong introduced Wine Chain project and fall to the ground, Wine Wine, hui hui founder Ceng Zhou share introduced combined with block Chain technology of electric business platform. This press conference is devoted to promoting the development of Wine Chain project.

       A successful conclusion of the press conference, for the Wine after the Chain development, believe that with the development of the news conference, there will be more and more people know, Chain blocks, understand Wine Chain, Chain blocks and Wine Chain combined with practical application. The conference aims to promote economic and technological exchanges between emerging economies and countries represented by "Wine Chain" to achieve mutual benefit and win-win results. To study the adjustment of global industrial structure, especially the development of strategic emerging industries; To build up the strength of experts in the global industry, promote the new social spirit, and promote the sustainable development of the world.
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