Wine Chain teaches you how to "eat Wine" (with WID)
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Winechain is the first block chain platform to make wine digital assets. This platform focuses on winery and has its own service group and target.


One reason for
In the early days of
the wine, the drink was regarded as a noble drink that only the aristocracy could enjoy, and a sacrificial offering to worship bacchus.
Red wine also represents the blood of Jesus Christ in the hearts of christians around the world, which promotes the popularity of red wine and the right of ordinary people to drink sweet wine.
With the improvement of living standards, more and more people begin to pay attention to the taste and taste of
life. Red wine is the symbol of a quality of life and is loved by more and more people.
Reason two

The study found that drinking beer, white wine or alcoholic beverages has nothing to do with the incidence of lung cancer, but with the increase of the consumption of red wine, the risk of developing lung cancer gradually reduce, increase a glass of wine a month reduced about 2% of the risk.
Wine inhibits bad cholesterol, softs blood vessels, and enhances cardiovascular function and heart activity.
The effect of red wine.

The effect of red wine weight loss.
The effect of red wine increases appetite.
The effect of red wine on diuresis.
The antiseptic effect of red wine.
Cardiovascular system regulation.
Wine can provide a variety of nutrients that the body needs, as well as sleep.

Why Winechain?
Current situation of wine industry:
1. Fish eyes mixed, true and false;
2. Price confusion, lack of trust;
3. High transaction costs and lagging marketing ideas;
4. Slow product brand awareness;
5. Low awareness of red wine culture;

Wine Chain has proposed and implemented the solution of block Chain technology and red Wine traceability to the disadvantages of traditional Wine industry. It can not only solve the pain points in the industry, but also strengthen the value of the whole industry and the liquidity of industry assets. Through the application of WID (the abbreviation of Wine Chain) and the promotion of community, the spread of the Wine culture is popularized and accelerated, forming a new and unique social ecological circle of Wine culture.

Service groups
Winery, Wine dealers, Wine chain community members (Wine lovers and Wine industry personnel)
Step 1: build a big data wine traceability platform, and Chinese wine will grow rapidly in the next 3 to 5 years. By 2022, the retail scale of Chinese wine will reach 262 billion yuan. Wine Chain can contribute to the whole Wine industry.
The second step: to achieve chateau wine industry assets digitization construction system of digital assets, pour the wine digital assets, to establish a new type of red wine industry ecosystem, accelerate the smooth red wine industrial chain
Step 3: set up the investment trading platform of winery property based on quantum chain QTUM platform.
Step 4: using block Chain technology, resource and the whole community, open and transparent regulatory mechanism, set up Wine Chain unique trust mechanism, make the whole ecosystem health sustainable development; Create a Wine Chain community with a new Wine culture exchange and push.
Step five: spread the correct scientific wine culture, let more people understand wine production process, classification of red wine, wine knowledge and healthy drinking habits to promote wine and red wine level of standardization system construction
WID main distribution
Wine Chain will cooperate with the global red Wine chateau and the Wine dealer to launch the research center of red Wine traceability technology, and jointly promote the application of big data traceability technology in the Wine industry. Start from the origin of red wine, track and record every link of the wine industry chain, regulate planting and production, prevent false security, and ensure the real information of each bottle of wine. Through the block chain technology, the integrity and authenticity of all traceability data are guaranteed, and the most important trust mechanism of the wine industry is established to promote the benign development of the wine industry.

The winery distributes and replaces part of the quota.

Wine bank, wine dealer, bar and other distribution and replacement part of quota.

Community allocation and replacement of some quotas.
Community groups in the glass of red wine, the wine culture has already begun to pop, wine lovers have a common interest, the hobby gather into circles, to create their own discourse system, communication, has now become a mainstream culture translation cake into public view, and formed its own outstanding region, terminology, nouns, rating standard and so on.
Block chain technology with a single spark can start a prairie fire swept across various industries, because it can solve people faint right of privacy in the Internet world, and can help enterprises to solve many intractable pain points. Put it in the financial sector to address the security of transactions; In the cultural field, can solve the infringement problem; In manufacturing, it reduces operating costs; On the supply chain, we can eliminate the counterfeit and shoddy products that occur during the transfer process. Add red wine in the wine industry, block chain, solved the pain points of the industry, in the form of technology and unicom winery, dealers and consumers, to build communities of people and can obtain the WID through their contribution as a reward. Using block chain characteristics of free, open and fair, free flow of information, the world's wine value optimization red wine red wine red wine supply chain system to reduce the transaction cost to realize intelligent industry and market highly match exclusive international community.
WINECHAIN needs more wine powder and is better able to spread it to every winery and user around the world.
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